Bitter Symphony

4.5 cl The Vibrant Note
4.5 cl The Hidden Note
4.5 cl Top up soda water
Orange peel
Low Tumbler
Created and available at: Camparino in galleria by Tommaso Cecca

The liquid

The Bitter Note

The Bitter Note, the first of our Notes Collection, awakens and inspires the senses. Think rich complexity, smooth sophistication and balsamic bitterness. Dark and brooding, the Bitter Note is blended from the finest botanicals including the sweet freshness of peppermint, the citrus tang of cinchona bark and the floral lift of juniper.

The liquid

The Vibrant Note

The Vibrant Note is a blast of bright, vibrant flavours. A bouquet for your tastebuds. As bright and stimulating as its pink tones, this is a splash of spring sunshine. Sweet and sultry, the Vibrant note is blended from the finest botanicals including the bitter-sweet hibiscus flower, floral and spicy Sichuan pepper and the earthy intensity of Jamaican Quassia bark.

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