signature cocktail

Vibrant Tonic

An easy mix cocktail that is a treat for the eyes, embodying young and lively soul of The Vibrant Note.
A fresh, bright and stylish sensory experience that gently teases and caresses the senses, without going unnoticed.

The Vibrant Note
8 cl The Vibrant Note
8 cl Elder Tonic
Elderflowers and raspberries/currants
Wine Glass o Collins
Created and available at: Camparino in galleria by Tommaso Cecca

The liquid

The Vibrant Note

The Vibrant Note is a blast of bright, vibrant flavours. A bouquet for your tastebuds. As bright and stimulating as its pink tones, this is a splash of spring sunshine. Sweet and sultry, the Vibrant note is blended from the finest botanicals including the bitter-sweet hibiscus flower, floral and spicy Sichuan pepper and the earthy intensity of Jamaican Quassia bark.

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