taste life in all its shades

Unveil your senses

taste life in all its shades

Unveil your senses

Elegant purple
Slightly bitter

The liquid

the hidden note

The Hidden Note is an enigma waiting to be solved. A mysterious mix of seductive spice and deep bitterness. Intriguing, inspiring and beguiling, this is a taste that transports. Bold and velvety, the Hidden Note is blended from exquisite botanicals including the rare zedoary root, spicy mace and the bold bitterness of Gentiana lutea.

Character and flavour

Tasting notes

One by one, you reveal a series of dark, deceptive, and ultimately divine experiences. You are the creative master – a gifted guardian of The Hidden Note’s nocturnal purple sensuality. Deeper and deeper you lead them, to a moment that’s intense, velvety and slightly bitter. Enigmatic at first, before giving way to the floral spiciness of musky zedoary, delicately aromatic mace, and the bitter boldness of yellow gentian.
The finest discoveries come in stages.

Sensory journey


Elegant purple.

When to serve


The path less trodden. Endlessly intriguing seductive serves that capture the moment. An intense concoction of velvety smoothness, floral, spicy roots and herbs with every sip that…


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