taste life in all its shades

Stir your senses

taste life in all its shades

Stir your senses

Brilliant pink

The liquid

The Vibrant Note

The Vibrant Note is a blast of bright, vibrant flavours. A bouquet for your tastebuds. As bright and stimulating as its pink tones, this is a splash of spring sunshine. Sweet and sultry, the Vibrant note is blended from the finest botanicals including the bitter-sweet hibiscus flower, floral and spicy Sichuan pepper and the earthy intensity of Jamaican Quassia bark.

Character and flavour

Tasting notes

In your hands it feels like strolling through cherry blossom. It’s your most enlivening, tantalising blast of bitter-sweet liquid joy to stir your senses. To dive in is to be energised by a rush of bitter-sweet floral flavours tempered by notes of sour hibiscus. To be emboldened by swirls of spicy, citrusy warmth from Sichuan pepper, ginger and quassia.
Perfection in a glass.

Sensory journey


Brilliant pink.

When to serve


Party-loving, sun-seeking, sweet-meets-spice, all-day chiller. Like strolling through cherry blossom, an enlivening, tantalising blast of bitter-sweet heaven – pure liquid joy that…


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