Bloom In Purple

A Signature cocktail that has an innate discreet seduction, irresistibly stirring curiosity and stealing the spotlight. A highly scenic sensory experience, which evokes refinement and, at the same time, it is tantalizingly mouth-watering.

Hidden Garden

An easy mix cocktail that epitomizes the mysterious originality of The Hidden Note, that comes from the predominant rare note of the zedoaria. An elegant and intriguing sensory experience that never fully reveals its enigmatic nature.

Shaken Note

Our signature cocktail embodies the bitter note’s sensory richness. This profoundly dark, adult and charismatic drink celebrates the contrasts between intensity and indulgence.

The Bitter Seltz

The simplicity of our easy-mix cocktail emphasises its effortless refinement. It provides a profound sensory experience, combining the charisma of a classic cocktail with the exhilaration of the new. Visually sophisticated, it presents a warm golden colour. It is a thirst-quenching, bittersweet drink, brimming with variety: mintiness, zesty citrus notes and hints of wood and …

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